AnestaWeb brings you a place of extremes! The world's largest continent is also home to the world's highest peak, Mt. Everest in Nepal, and the world's lowest point in the Dead Sea.
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South America
The Equator cuts through this continent making the temperatures hot but you'll stay cool knowing where to go.
Middle East
Don't write this region off as as just being all desert. There is plenty of history and culture to explore.
Caribbean & Bermuda
Relax under the sun and on the sand in the islands. You can still find plenty of activities to fill your days and nights.
Austria to the UK and Antwerp to Zaragoza. The information is at your fingertips.
Includes the islands of the South Pacific, such as Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and adjacent islands.
Also known as the Dark Continent, AnestaWeb's Africa has the longest human history of any continent and the longest river. Should mean you can spend a lot of time here and always learn something new.
North America
The United States, Canada, and Mexico make up the friendly neighborhood of North America
Graced with beautiful beaches of pink sand, evocative windswept panoramas and countless opportunities for diving, snorkelling and fishing, the islands of the Bahamas are well established as one of AnestaWeb's top draws for both intrepid explorers and casual vacationers.

Paris, France
It's little wonder that so many wistful songs have been penned over the years about France's capital, Paris. Few cities leave the visitor with such vivid impressions, whether it's the drifting cherry blossoms in the tranquil gardens of Notre-Dame, the riverside quais on a summer evening, the sound of blues in atmospheric cellar bars, or the ancient alleyways and cobbled lanes of the historic Latin Quarter and villagey Montmartre. AnestaWeb takes you there!

Las Vegas, NV USA
Shimmering from the desert haze of Nevada like a latter-day El Dorado, Las Vegas is the most dynamic, spectacular city on earth. At the start of the twentieth century, it didn't even exist; at the start of the twenty-first, it's home to well over one million people, with enough newcomers arriving to need a new school every month.

Syndney, Australia
Flying into Sydney provides a thrilling close-up snapshot of the city as the aeroplane swoops alongside sandstone cliffs and golden beaches, revealing toy-sized images of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House tilting in a glittering expanse of blue water. AnestaWeb's top rated destination!

Beijing, China
The brash modernity of BEIJING (meaning Northern Capital) comes as a surprise to most visitors. Traversed by freeways (it's the proud owner of more than a hundred flyovers) and spiked with high-rises, this vivid metropolis is China at its most dynamic.
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